Past Performances (Partial Listing)



Mon. 03.18.02, Los Angeles - Open City, Burning Star Core & The Curtains @ The Smell w/ The Dead C

Tues. 03.19.02, San Francisco - Open City & The Curtains @ Galia w/ The Dead C


Thurs. 10.17.02, Los Angeles - Open City @ The Smell, 247 S. Main St., Downtown w/ El Guapo, David Scott Stone

Fri. 10.18.02, San Francisco - Burning Star Core & The Curtains @ Edinburgh Castle on Geary w/ STRUTHERS & FIELDS (L.A.) HANS GRUSEL'S KRANKENKABINET

Sat. 10.19.02, Santa Cruz - Open City, Burning Star Core & The Curtains w/ the Lowdown

Sun. 10.20.02, Oakland - Burning Star Core & The Curtains @ the Oakland Metro, B'way and 2nd, w/ The Bangs!! & Crimson Sweet, 9pm

Mon. 10.21.02, Davis - Burning Star Core & Kolovos (Open City) live on KDVS 90.3 FM 8-10 PM

Tues. 10.22.02, Sacramento - Burning Star Core @ Joe's Style Shop w/ Melt Banana, Comets On Fire, Get Away

Wed. 10.23.02, Los Angeles - Burning Star Core & The Curtains @ The Smell, 247 S. Main St, Downtown

Thurs 10.24.02, Los Angeles, Burning Star Core @ The Derby w/ Acid Mothers Temple, Caroliner, Deerhoof

Thurs. 10.31.02, Cincinnati - Burning Star Core @ Southgate House Ballroom A HALLOWEEN SHOW
w/ IOVAE, Evolution Control Committee, Sick Hour, Gordy Horn, Neoto Torpedo 18+ / 9 PM


Fri. 11.15.02, Newport, KY - Burning Star Core @ the Southgate House, Readymaid CD release parti w/ So Red, Hearts of Palm, Neato Torpedo

**Open City will NOT play this show** Sat. 11.16.02, Los Angeles

Thurs. 11.21.02, Columbus, OH. - Jazz Hands (WORLD PREMIER, features C.S. Yeh aka Burning Star Core) @ MadLab ( 105 N. Grant Ave / 9PM / $5)
w/ Tim Olive & Jeffrey Allport, Mummers, Puppynecklace and the 91-Year-Old Porpoise

Sat. 11.23.02, Oakland - Curtains @ 40th St Warehouse, 479 40th St. w/Glass Candy & the Shattered Theater, Curse of the Birthmark

Sat. 11.23.02, Chicago IL.- Burning Star Core @ Reynolds Club (Ida Noyes Hall, third floor, 1212 E. 59th Street. )
Univ of Chicago "Festival of Marginalized Genres" w/ winter carousel, panicsville, vertonen, madame chao, mummers, puppynecklace, ashcroft? etc.
for info:

Sat. 11.23.02, Chicago IL.- Burning Star Core live performance on WNUR 89.3 FM Evanston/Chicago's Airplay show
Mick Turner of Dirty Three will also be featured, for info:

Wed. 11.27.02 Newport, KY - Burning Star Core @ Southgate House
Fudgie & Fufu present a MADONNA tribute w/ Wolverton Bros, Fairmount Girls, Sistern, The Not, Neato Torpedo,
Culture Queer, Little Billy Catfish,Montclaire, 7 Speed Vortex . . . plus an after dance party with I Am The World Trade Center


Fri. 12.13.02, San Diego - Open City and Curtains @ the Rosary Room at Pokez Mexican Restaurant 947 E Street (at 10th Avenue) w/ Upsilon Acrux, 8:00PM

Sat. 12.14.02, Los Angeles - Open City & Curtains @ Mr. T's Bowl w/ Upsilon Acrux, Sacharrine Trust

Fri. 12.20.02, San Fransisco - Curtains @ Oh So Little Cafe (Mission&14th St.) w/ Patrick+Randy from Control R Workshop 7pm FREE

Sat. 12.21.02, Berkeley - Curtains @ The Ramp, 236 Parker St. beneath the SDA church, w/ Lesser, Young People, Liz Janes w/ Michael from Soul Junk (early show)




Thurs. 01.02.03, Lexington, KY - Burning Star Core @ Club Seal/Theater Eel w/ L(ORTHO)Vid and a film from the collection of the Late Howell Bend

Fri. 01.10.03, San Francisco - The Curtains @ the Hemlock Tavern on Polk St. w/ Marco Eneidi 10pm


Sat. 02.08.03, Newport, KY - Burning Star Core (expanded lineup with Hair Police dudes) @ Southgate House Parlourw/ Kendall Bruns (CD Release!)
Realicide, Tears on Sunday, enduser, Line 47, Ahankara, Autoshape, Super77, Sonik, etc?

Sat. 02.15.03, Indianapolis, IN - Burning Star Core @ Festivilla (directions: 5:30-11:30PM
INDYTRON Festival w/
the switchkid, melk the g6-49, goat, noiseman433, malpa, luasa raelon, [amanonfire], sinmantix,
black sand desert, mike shiflet, satanists in love, think machine, mommy won't wake up, vertonen, irene moon, lockweld,


Thurs. 03.06.03, Los Angeles - The Curtains @ The Smell w/ Joan of Arc & Hella

Burning Star Core / Hair Police / Monotract tour !!!

Fri. 03.14.03, Lexington, KY - Burning Star Core @ Club Seal w/ Hair Police, Smoggo, & Triple Velcro (Atlanta, GA)

Sat. 03.15.03, Pittsburgh, PA - Burning Star Core @ Peach Pitt w/ Hair Police, Monotract, Microwaves

Sun. 03.16.03, Baltimore MD - Burning Star Core @ Club Tattoo w/ Hair Police, Monotract

Mon. 03.17.03, Boston, MA - Burning Star Core @ Twisted Village 12B Eliot Street w/ Hair Police, Monotract

Tues. 03.18.03, Providence, RI - Burning Star Core @ Candle Factory Troy St. w/ Hair Police, Monotract & Prurient

Wed. 03.19.03, Brooklyn, NY - Burning Star Core @ The Luxx 256 Grand St. w/ Hair Police, Sightings & Plate Tectonics

Thurs. 03.20.03, Rochester, NY - Burning Star Core @ Bug Jar w/ Hair Police, Monotract, Coffee & Irene Moon

Fri. 03.21.03, Detroit, MI - Burning Star Core @ Old Miami w/ Hair Police, Monotract & Midlife Vacation (Mammal+Viki)

Sat. 03.22.03, Chicago, IL - Burning Star Core @ Prodigal Son Bar 2626 N. Halsted w/ Hair Police, Monotract & My Name is Rar Rar


Thurs. 05.08.03, Cincinnati, OH - Burning Star Core @ SHIRLEY'S 2401 Vine St. w/Law of Fives, Exxon, The Best Pedestrian, Empirical
NO COVER / 21+ / 9:30 PM

Sar. 05.10.03, San Francisco - The Curtains @ the Hemlock Tavern on Polk St.

Mon. 05.12.03, San Francisco - The Curtains @ Cafe Du Nord w/CASS MCCOMBS,CERAMIC ISLES,ANCHORS


Curtains Tour with Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Thu. 09.11.03 - Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland w/RED KRAYOLA & MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ

Fri. 09.12.03 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Cube w/MHSB

Sat. 09.13.03 - Berkeley, CA @ The Ramp w/MHSB, 1/2 HANDED CLOUD

Sun. 09.14.03 - Eureka, CA w/ MSHB

Mon. 09.15.03 - Portland, OR @ Blackbird w/MSHB

Tue. 09.16.03 - Olympia, WA. @ Themba from The Intima's house w/MSHB

Wed. 09.17.03 - Seattle, WA. @ Center on Contemporary Art w/MSHB

Thu. 09.18.03 - Portland, OR @ Million w/MSHB

Fri. 09.19.03 - San Francisco, CA. @ Hemlock w/ MSHB


Sat. 09.27.03 Louisville, KY - Burning Star Core @ ??? w/ JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER, SAPAT

Sun. 09.28.03 Cincinnati, OH - Burning Star Core (& JOSHUA TREBLE maybe) @ PLUSH w/ JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER, ACCELERA DECK FORTY-ONE NINETY-TWO / 9:45 PM doors / $5 / 19+


Sat & Sun 10.4 -10.5.03, Minneapolis, MN - Burning Star Core @ DESTIJL/FREEDOM FROM festival of music
tentatively featuring:
aaron dilloway arthur doyle (maybe) chris corsano/ paul flaherty / thurston moore action unit, devendra banhart, erika elder / matthew valentine, jim o'rourke, major stars,
neil michael haggerty no neck blues band,
kevin drumm/tom smith, no doctors, no neck blues band, rev. dwight frizzell, smegma, tony conrad trad gras och stenar
festivities beginning the 3rd, pre-show w/ Hair Police & more!!

see: for details

Sat. 10.11.03 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ Casa Del Pueblo w/ My Little Red Toe, Rainbow Blanket, Outer Seventh
( 1498 W Sunset Blvd, Echo Park )

Mon. 10.13.03 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ Salvation Theatre w/ Non Credo (Joe Berardi & Kira Vollman)
8 PM / 1519 Griffith Park Blvd (at Sunset Blvd), Los Angeles / $10-5 sliding scale / info: 323-682-4060

Fri. 10.17.03 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ The Smell w/ Sleeping People (San Diego), Wives, So So So, Dim Diamond


Burning Star Core / Mike Shiflet Tour !!!
Bios, audio, more here:

Thurs. 11.13.03, Cincinnati OH - Burning Star Core @ Shirley's 2401 Vine
w/ Mike Shiflet, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Neato Torpedo, Mat Donald's Mind Control, Asheep & Aliester Huskaverna, N-Tron?

Fri. 11.14.03, Chicago, IL - Burning Star Core @ Deadtech (
w/ Mike Shiflet, TV Pow, Vertonen

Sat. 11.15.03, Detroit MI - Burning Star Core @ Detroit Art Space
w/Mike Shiflet, DJ Aaron Dilloway & more.

Sun. 11.16.03, Rochester NY -Burning Star Core @ All Purpose Room (
w/Mike Shiflet, Pengo

Mon. 11.17.03, Easthampton, MA-Burning Star Core @Flywheel (
w/ Thurston Moore/ Chris Corsano/Paul Flaherty Dream/Aktion Unit, Mike Shiflet

Tues. 11.18.03, Boston MA - Burning Star Core @ Zeigeist Gallery
w/ Mike Shiflet, Jason Talbot, Brendan Murray

Wed. 11.19.03, Brooklyn, NY - Burning Star Core @ Free103 Gallery (
w/ Mike Shiflet, Workbench (mem. of Double Leopards), Carlos Giffoni/Chris Corsano duo

Thurs. Nov 20th - HELP!! Upstate NY? Conn.? RI? Anything.

Fri. 11.21.03 - HELP!! Anything reasonable. We'll dstroy. Promise.

Sat. 11.22.03, Pittsburgh PA - Burning Star Core @ Mr. Roboto Project (
w/ Mike Shiflet, Matt Demmo (Eupholus), Adjust (Low Res), others TBA

Sun. 11.23.03, Columbus OH - Burning Star Core @ Casa Gameboy (email for more info)
w/ Mike Shiflet, N-Tron, Joe Panzner


Fri. 12.05.03, Los Angeles, CA - Open City @ The Smell w/ Swinging Chandeliers, Kendall & Colbert, Emerson Balla, Cantaloupe and Snapes, Adam Overton



Fri. 01.23.04 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ The Smell w/ Klondike & York, Antennas Erupt, Half Normal


Fri. 02.27.04 - Newport, KY - Burning Star Core @ Southgate House w/ JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER & Hilltop Distillery


Sun. 03.14.04 - Venice, CA - Open City @ Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. w/ Animal Charm

Fri. 03.19.04 - Brooklyn, NY - Burning Star Core @ No Fun Fest 2004, Northsix w/ Pita, Moore/Corsano/O'Rourke/Flaherty Dream Aktion Unit
Giffoni/Nyoukis duo, Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Rubber-O-Cement more+++

Wed. 03.24.04 - Los Angeles, CA - Open City @ the Silverlake Lounge w/ Metal Urbain, New Collapse, Main Frame
please note: open city will be on at 8PM, early!!!


Open City / Burning Star Core West Coast Tour

Sun. 05.09.04 - Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz Cafe (2318 Telegraph Ave @23rd)
w/ Comets on Fire, Epikurs Euforie (Norway), Chen Santa Maria
Outdoors, BBQ, AFTERNOON SHOW, Starts 3PM

Mon. 05.10.04 - Sacramento, Ca. @ Tonevendor (1812 J street, 7:30PM)
w/ Klondike & York (last show!?) & Antennas Erupt

Tues. 05.11.04 - Portland, Or. @ Berbatis Pan (10 SW 3rd Ave)
w/ The Get Hustle

Wed. 05.12.04 - Seattle, WA @Drone Hill (2711 14th Avenue South)
w/ The Dead Science, Deacon Yellow Swans, & Sharon Cheslow

Thurse. 05.13.04 - Olympia, WA @ The Lucky 7 House (115 Eastside St N.E.)
w/ Thunder Thunder Thunder, Deadweatherradar

Fri. 05.14.04 - Portland, Or. @ The Dunes (1905 NE MLK)
Please note this is a late show!

Sat. 05.15.04 - San Francisco, CA. @ The Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk Street @ Post)
w/ Murder Murder


Thurseday, 06.24.04 - San Diego, CA. - Open City @ 4862 Voltaire (9PM sharp!)
w/ Trad Gras och Stenar

Friday, 06.25.04 - Hollywood, CA. - Open City @ The Knitting Factory, Alterknit Lounge (7021 Hollywood Blvd, 8PM)
w/ Trad Gras och Stenar


Friday, 07.23.04 - Long Beach, CA. - Open City @ Koos, 530 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802 (7:30pm)
w/ Gorge Trio (Members of Deerhoof), Cheval de Frise (France), Upsilon Acrux


Thursday, 09.02.04 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ The Smell, 247 S. Main St., Downtown
w/ Hototogisu (Matt Bower from Sunroof, Skullflower, Total and Marcia Bassett from Double Leopards, Un),
Tom Carter (from Charalambides) & Expo70

Saturday, 09.04.04 - Oakland, CA. - Open City @ Ptomaine Temple, 3957 San Leandro St.
w/ Hototogisu & Tom Carter

Sunday, 09.05.04 - San Francisco, CA. - Open City @ Hotel Utah, 500 4th St. at Bryant, 8PM
w/ Hototogisu & Tom Carter
Hotel Utah


Friday, 11.05.04 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ The Smell, 247 S. Main St., Downtown
w/ Charalambides, Car (featuring Carla Bozulich), Nick Castro, Foot Village

Saturday, 11.06.04 - San Diego, CA. - Open City @ 4862 Voltaire
w/ Charalambides, Nick Castro



Mon. 01.17.05, Los Angeles - Open City @ line space line (1001 E. First St. #15, Downtown L.A., Starts 8PM)
w/ Jeremy Drake & Bill Hutson


Sat. 02.12.05, Los Angeles - Open City @ The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd,.Silverlake, Starts 8PM)
w/ Comets on Fire, OM (members of Sleep), Earthless
please note, Open City is first on the bill

Sat. 02.19.05 - Los Angeles, CA. - Open City @ The Smell, 247 S. Main St., Downtown
w/ D. Yellow Swans (Oakland, CA), Damion Romero, Chuck Bettis, Mega Wand poetry reading starting at 6:00 p.m. Geoffrey Dyer (SF), Robert Paredes (NYC), Bruna Mori


Sat. 03.12.05, Montague MA - Corsano / Yeh / Kolovos Trio @ Montague Bookmill (440 Greenfield Rd, Montague MA 413.367.9206)
w/ Son of Earth

Tues. 03.15.05, Jamaica Plain, MA - Corsano / Yeh / Kolovos Trio @ the Midway Cafe (3496 Washington Street, 617.524.9038)
w/ Secret Diary, plus Love DP

Wed. 03.16.05, Manhattan, N.Y. - P. Kolovos Solo Set @ SIBERIA (corner of 40th Street & 9th Avenue, look for black door w/ red light over it)
w/ Hive Mind, Spencer Yeh + Pete Nolan Duo, The Seven Arts, Jason Crumer

Fri. 03.18.05, Brooklyn, N.Y. - Yeh/Corsano/Shiflet/Kolovos 4tet @ No Fun Fest 2005 (The Hook)
w/ Runzelstirn and Gurglestock, Hecker, Hair Police, Consumer Electronics, Dead Machines, Monotract


Sun. 05.08.05 - Newport, KY- Burning Star Core @ Southgate House
w/ Lightning Bolt, Sixteen-Bitch Pile-Up + IOVAE

Wed. 05.11.05 - Cleveland, OH - Burning Star Core @ Beachland Ballroom
w/ Deerhoof, Nedelle

Wed. 05.18.05 - Akron OH - Burning Star Core @ Nathan Tusco's house
w/ Brian Straw, Tusco Terror, Clan of the Cave Bear

Thurs. 05.19.05 - Rochester NY - Burning Star Core @ A/V Space
w/ Pengo

Thurs. 05.19.05 - Los Angeles, CA - Open City @ Spaceland
w/ Sightings, Saccharine Trust

Sat. 05.21.05 - Victoriaville QC - Burning Star Core's C. Spencer Yeh @ International Festival Musique Actuelle Victoriaville
playing as part of Dream/Aktion Unit w/ Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore,
Matt Heyner, Okkyung Lee, Bill Nace, Trevor Tremaine
also playing at the festival: Hair Police, Wolf Eyes, Dead Machines, Double Leopards, No-Neck Blues Band, others

Sun. 05.22.05 - Buffalo NY - Burning Star Core @ Kitchen Distribution Gallery (20 Auburn St.)
w/ Pengo, Caustic Solution

Mon. 05.23.05 - Pittsburgh PA - Burning Star Core @ Modern Formations Gallery
w/ Michael Johnsen, Slices, Bradam Streiple + Dave Kuzy

Tues. 05.24.05 - Columbus OH - Burning Star Core @ Cafe Bourbon St.(2216 Summit St.)
w/ Sixteen-Bitch Pile-Up, Leslie Keffer, AD+D


Wed. 07.13.05 - Los Angeles - Open City @ Il Corral ( 664 No. Heliotrope Dr.)
w/ Wives, Polar Goldie Cats, Sheron Cheslow + David Scott Stone, Rose for Bohdan

Thurs. 07.14.05 - Los Angeles, CA - Open City @ The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park @ 8:30pm )
w/ Kinski and Polar Goldie Cats


Wed. 08.03.05 - Los Angeles - Open City @ Il Corral ( 664 No. Heliotrope Dr.)
w/ Nels Cline / Carlos Giffoni Duo, Metalux, David Rothbaum


Sept 22nd - 25th - HIGH ZERO Festival of Improvised Music (no BxC, only Yeh) Baltimore MD

Fri. Sept 30th - The Damage, Cincinnati OH - Cornucopia, Hive Mind/BxC collab, Luasa Raelon, DJ IOVAE


Sun. Oct 2nd - Ball State Univ, Muncie IN w/ Sixes, Sixteen-Bitch Pile-Up (this will be the BxC trio)

Tues. Oct 4th - The Damage, Cincinnati OH - Life Partners, BxC (solo), Robert Inhuman

Sun. Oct 9 - Il Corral, Los Angeles CA w/ Flaherty-Corsano-Nels Cline Trio, Sixteen-Bitch Pile-Up, SIXES, YEHMERO (C.S. Yeh + Damion Romero)

Paul Flaherty / Chris Corsano / C. Spencer Yeh Trio
Oct 10th - 4862 Voltaire San Diego CA w/ Tamburo/McDowell
Oct 11th - The Casbah, San Diego CA w/ Wolf Eyes, Prurient, No Doctors
Oct 12th - The Fold at King King, Los Angeles CA w/ Wolf Eyes, Prurient, 400 Blows
Oct 13th - Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA w/ Wolf Eyes, Prurient


Wed. Nov 16th - The Damage, Cincinnati OH - BxC (solo) w/ Burkhard Beins/John Bissett duo

Friday, Nov 18th - The Damage, Cincinnati OH - Organs (Yeh + IOVAE) w/ Nautical Almanac, others


Monday, Dec 5th - Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati OH - BxC (solo) w/ Realicide, Lesniak
(as part of the "Sacred and Profane" exhibit")

Sat. 12.17.05 - Los Angeles - Open City @ Il Corral ( 662 No. Heliotrope Dr. , just south of melrose)
TURN THE SCREWS festival of love and noise w/ scott arford, mitchell brown, chris musgrave
privy seals vs. exjesus vs. circuit wound vs. pedestrian deposit
david rothbaum / jessica catron, robedoor, feed the dragon
laco$te, jewish uprising, gown